Présentations et affiches

Présentations et affiches

Lundi 17 septembre

Contaminant Hydrogeology I
Identification of TCE source zones using geochemical tracers in a valley fill aquifer.
Murphy, S., Lefebvre, R., Clark, I.


Tracers & Isotopes I
Impact of aquifer heterogeneity on groundwater age in the Valcartier deltaic sand aquifer.
Millet, E., Lefebvre, R., Blouin, M., Gloaguen, E.

Mardi 18 septembre

Transboundary Aquifers
Knowledge: A key for cooperation and management of transboundary aquifers.
Rivera, A.


Transboundary Aquifers
A 3D unified geological conceptual model of the Milk River Transboundary Aquifer (Alberta-Montana).
Pétré, M.-A., Rivera, A., Lefebvre, R.

10:45-11:00 Transboundary Aquifers
Mapping transboundary buried valley aquifers along the Manitoba-North Dakota border
Hinton, M.J., Logan, C.E., Pugin, A. J.-M. Pullan, S.E., Oldenborger, G.A., & Sharpe, D.R.
11:00-11:15 Transboundary Aquifers
Canada/U.S. transboundary geological maps of the Richelieu/Lake Champlain and Yamaska basins.
Benoit, N., Parent, M., Lavoie, D., Rivard, C., Reynolds, R.J., Williams, J.H., Walsh, G.J.

Regional GW Flow I
Hydrogeochemistry and aquifer dynamics in the northern regions of Ghana.
Lefebvre, R., Boyaud, C., Carrier, M.-A., Racicot, J., Assare, E.


Contaminant Hydrogeology III
Value of geochemical data for understanding groundwater flow and natural attenuation of a leachate plume at a former landfill.
Tremblay, L., Lefebvre, R., Cloutier, V., Molson, J.W.

3:00-3:15 Contaminant III
Contribution of photodegradation to the natural attenuation of RDX and nitroglycerin (NG) on training ranges.
Bordeleau, G., Martel, R., Ampleman, G., Thiboutot, S.
4:45-5:00 General Hydrogeology I – Data Management & Analysis
Online Linkage of Groundwater Data in North America
Boyan Brodaric, Eric Boisvert, & Nathaniel L. Booth

Cold Regions Hydrogeology
Mars-like gully formation by perenial discharge of high latitude (81° N) saline springs
Grasby, S.E., Proemse, B.C.

Jeudi 20 septembre
9:30-9:45 Book Groundwater Resources in Canada
The Cordillera Hydrogeological Region of Canada
Mike Wei, Kevin Ronneseth, Diana Allen, Alan Kohut, Steve Grasby, Bob Turner
10:00-10:15 3D Geologic and Hydrogeologic Mapping
The Need for Improved Data Collection to Support 3-D Hydrostratigraphic Modelling: A Canadian Perspective
Russell, H.A.J., Cummings, D. I., Hinton, M.J, Pugin, A.J., Oldenborger, G., and Sharpe, D.R.

Numerical Modelling I
Geological, hydraulic and geochemical contraints on a numerical flow model of a TCE-contaminated aquifer.
Ouellon, T., Lefebvre, R., Murphy, S., Clark, I.D., Ballard, J.-M., Parent, M.


Regional GW Flow IV
Modelling the evolution of the Monteregie Est regional fractured-rock aquifer system.
Laurencelle, M., Lefebvre, R., Rivard, C., Ladevèze, P., Benoît, N., Carrier, M.-A.


Groundwater Recharge I
Multiple-methods analysis of recharge at des Anglais catchment, Quebec, CANADA.
Chemingui, A., Paniconi, C.,Sulis, M.

1:00-1:15 Book Groundwater Resources in Canada
Hydrogeological Regions of Canada
Sharpe, D.R., Russell, H.A.J., Grasby, S.E, Michaud, Y., Savard, M.M., and Wei1, M.
1:15-1:25 Book Groundwater Resources in Canada
Plains Hydrogeological Region of Canada
Grasby, S.E., Betcher, R., Maathuis, H., Wozniak, P.R.J.
1:30-1:45 Book Groundwater Resources in Canada
Southern Ontario Hydrogeological Region of Canada
David Sharpe1, Andrew Piggott & Terry Carter

Hydrogeophysics II
Using CPT and multi-level piezometric data to assess aquifer heterogeneity at the sub-watershed scale.
Brunet, P., Paradis, D., Lefebvre, R., Gloaguen, E.

Vendredi 21 septembre

Book Groundwater Resources in Canada
Groundwater Resources in Canada: Synthesis, Issues and Perspectives.
Rivera A.


Geothermal Energy I
Assessing the geothermal potential of the St. Lawrence Lowlands sedimentary basin in Québec, Canada.
Raymond, J., Malo, M., Comeau, F.-A., Bédard, K., Lefebvre, R., Therrien, R.


Groundwater Resources in Canada II
Groundwater Resources in Canada: Appalachians.
Rivard, C., Parent, M., Lavoie, D.

Mardi 18 septembre et vendredi 21 septembre

Assessment of Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions in the Englishman River Watershed using Geochemical and Stable Isotopic Parameters
Shannon Provencher, Stephen E. Grasby, and Bernhard Mayer

Conceptual hydrogeological model for Potsdam Sandstone in southwestern Quebec.
Benoit, N. Nastev, M. Morin, R. Godin, R. Rouleau A.

Critical evaluation of the use of superficial temperature measurements for recharge assessment.
Gosselin, J.S., Rivard, C., Paniconi, C., Martel, R.

Field and Laboratory investigation for on site chemical oxydation of surface soil contaminated with RDX.
Lapointe, M.-C., Martel, R., Diaz, E., Temgoua, A.G.T.

Fracture systems controls on fluid flow in Montérégie Est regional rock aquifers.
Ladevèze, P., Rouleau, A., Lefebvre, R., Laurencelle, M., Crow, H., Rivard, C.

Hydrogeochemistry of regional fractured rock aquifers in Montérégie Est, Québec, Canada.
Beaudry, C., Lefebvre, R., Rivard, C., Cloutier, V.

Hydrogeology of the groundwater resources in the Chaudière River watershed, Québec.
Benoit, N., Nastev, M., Tremblay, L., Brun Kone, M., Molson, J., Lefebvre, R.

The use of nitrogen and oxygen isotopes to distinguish nitrate sources in groundwater at anti-tank training ranges.
Bordeleau, G., Martel, R., Savard, M.M., Ampleman, G., Thiboutot, S.

Transient hydraulic tomography to assess aquifer hydraulic conductivity anisotropy.
Paradis, D., Gloaguen, E., Lefebvre, R., Giroux, B., Sauvageau, M., DeLouis, C.